Sewage Treatment Plants(STP)

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contamination from domestic wastewater.It is treated by mechanical,chemical-physical and biological process.Sewage water is released into rivers,lakes and sea which creates environmental and human risk.Thus is necessary to treat this wastewater before discharging or reuse treated water can be used for various purposes. Aldee water provides standard containerised and tailored made sewage treatment plants for hotels,municipal,commercial buildings, hospitals and residential housing .

Aldee water uses following technologies :

  • MBBR(Moving bed biofilm reactor) base system:
  • PVA(polyvinyl alcohol) gel base system
  • MBR(Membrane bioreactor) base system
  • SBR(Sequential batch reactor)system
  • FAB(Fluidised Aerobic Bio Reactor) system
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