Reverse osmosis system(RO)

Reverse osmosis is process of removing dissolved impurities from brackish or sea water. It is a technology where raw water is passed through semi permeable membrane with high pressure to remove the dissolved solids and mineral in water.

Aldee water designs high quality and compact size RO system with fully automatic skada based for trouble-free operation. Aldee water provides aggressive delivery and erection with our standardised and customised RO systems. We use high standard materials in engineering of RO skid and energy efficient components in RO system to lower operating cost.

Aldee water provides 1m3 to 50m3 standardised pre-engineered and tested skid mounted plant. Above 50m3 we provide tailored made system. We have supplied several RO plants in CETP’s , SEZ’s and industries like textiles, chemical, power projects, pharmaceuticals, dairy.

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