MBR(Membrane bioreactor) is submerged flat sheet module which effectively removes suspended particles. MBR module consist a number of membrane elements stacked at equal intervals. Each element has flat sheet membranes on both sides of a supporting panel.


  • Using membranes to separate sludge ensures much higher quality for treated water free from suspended solids
  • MBR can retain activated sludge at high concentration, allowing BOD as well as nitrogen to be removed more efficiently.
  • Unique membrane configuration having an immense number of minuscule pores delivers stable high water permeability with minimal clogging and higher permeated water quality.
  • The module can be submerged directly in a activated sludge tank for combining biological treatment and membranes separation. It eliminates the sedimentation or sludge concentration process.
  • More effective biological treatment allows activate sludge tank size to be reduced.
  • The plate and frame configuration that employs flat sheet membranes is inherently stronger against fouling than hollow fiber membrane configuration. Therefore, it results in fewer chemical cleaning requirements.
  • It consumes less energy compared to hollow fiber membrane due to more effective scouring aeration and lower trans-membrane pressure.
  • Using PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) for the functional layer of the membrane and non-woven base layer allows the membrane to exhibit superior physical strength and chemical stability.
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