All sources of water

Surface water : Surface water is a water from lakes,river and reservoirs which are present on the surface of the planet. Surface water containers various dissolved and suspended impurities with the influence of human and nature.So to use this water for various domestic and industrial use , it needs to be treated. Aldee water uses Membrane and filtration technologies to remove dissolved and suspended impurities

Ground Water : Ground water is very important source of water ,which is becoming polluted due landfills,leaking sewers , effluent from waste water treatment plants and over use of fertilisers in agriculture.Ground water can also be contaminated naturally. For this reason , it is very important to treat the ground water. Aldee Water uses technologies like denitrification , membrane(UF,NF,MF,) and advanced oxidation to treat this contaminated ground water.

Sea Water treatment  : About 96.5% of earth’s water is a sea water containing salt . Due to the rising demand and scarcity of water , desalination of sea water is very important. Aldee Water uses reverse osmosis technology using high recover sea water membranes for desalination of sea water.

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